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Tax Audit Representation

What to do if you Receive Notice of a Tax Audit

There are few things that people fear more than a tax audit, so to minimize your risk and anxiety you should engage experienced tax audit representation.  Audits happen. Sometimes they happen because you've triggered a flag; sometimes they happen completely randomly. Here's what you need to know.

Sometimes Errors Happen
Even the best tax professionals can make errors or take a position which an auditor disagrees with. Auditors may take a harsh tone with a taxpayer or tax preparer, because they are the ones responsible for the numbers on the return.  Tax audit services such as State Tax Audit Representation (STAR) can provide a vital buffer between you (or your tax preparer), and an auditor.  We resolve problems.  We’re not responsible for creating the problem, so we are treated better by the tax auditors.

Brian Gordon from STAR has gained valuable experience as a NYS Tax Auditor and ultimately as a Tax Department executive leading the New York Metropolitan District.  Using this experience now in representing clients against tax audits gets outstanding results.

Many times a highly qualified CPA tax preparer has represented their client on an audit which resulted in a significant additional tax. After the case was referred to Brian Gordon at STAR, the liability was greatly reduced or eliminated.  In one case a $2 million liability was completely eliminated.

How does that happen?

Don’t underestimate Brian Gordon’s valuable experience.  He knows tax audits from the inside and outside.  He speaks the auditor’s language.

Is every case completely reversed with the liability eliminated?  Certainly not, but if a contrary position is taken on a Residency audit, or if an error was made in some aspect of a Sales Tax filing, Mr. Gordon’s experience will help to reach a satisfactory conclusion with the least possible monetary damage.  Penalties will also usually be held to a minimum.

It's very rare for situations to become more serious than that unless it's obvious that you intentionally misrepresented your tax filings.  However, if there is possible fraud implications, Brian Gordon’s experience will also help to mitigate those issues.


Can’t Afford to Pay Your Tax?

Offer in Compromise

If your audit result is correct, but you cannot afford to pay the additional tax in full, Brian Gordon can help resolve those problems also.  A way to reduce your tax further is with an Offer in Compromise.  This is a formal process where your finances are reviewed by the state or IRS, and an offer can be made to compromise the tax bill.  

Payment Plan

Sometimes you just need a little help, and a payment plan will resolve your problem.  We can help with that also.  There are many options available.

Tax Codes Change

It's understandable that mistakes can happen with tax codes changing so often.  Federal tax codes changed considerably within the last couple of years. As a result, auditors understand that there can be mistakes made, and their goal is to make corrections and move on; however, not everything is clear cut.                                           .                                               
Again, a qualified audit representative on your side can minimize the damage.  Having them represent you will give you the confidence that the audit is being handled properly. It can relax you and make the situation feel more manageable.  

Sometimes an audit can even be beneficial.  It could be found that you are due a refund.  Even in those cases it is important to have tax audit representation to make sure you receive what you are entitled to because many tax auditors act as if they are in a contest to generate additional tax revenue for the government.  Contact State Tax Audit Representation to learn more about tax audit services.

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