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Tax Audit Representation

​Whether New York or another jurisdiction selects your return for examination, we have the experience and expertise to represent you and get the best possible outcome.  Audits include the following:

Residency Audits


These audits focus on individuals with more than one residence.  Extremely detailed analysis and experience is required.  No one has the vast experience that Brian Gordon has working on the largest audits for the NYS Tax Dept. as well as in private practice. 

Audit Appeals Process


Although we try to resolve audits when possible, we are prepared to help you in the appeals process when necessary.

Other Business Tax Audits


We address all state tax issues including those involving corporation tax or pass through entities.

IRS Audits

We address issues such as Schedule C losses (Hobby Loss), Itemized Deductions, other.

Sales and Use Tax Audits


Whether you are a  large corporation or a small cash business, we address all issues involving sales tax—e.g., is  an item or service taxable?  Did the business properly report sales?  Was use tax paid on items purchased out of state?

NYS or IRS Collection Actions


If a state or IRS has assessed you additional tax, or you received  a lien or levy notice, we can help you resolve those problems with either an Offer in Compromise or Payment Plan.


Tax Planning and Compliance

Corporations, Partnerships and Individuals


State and local taxes have become increasingly complex.  By making tax planning part of your overall business strategy, we can minimize your current and future tax liabilities.

Sales Tax Compliance


We will analyze your business activity to ensure that you pay or collect sales tax when required.  Some examples:

  • Construction: Is it capital improvement or repair?

  • Sales of Software: Standard or customized?

  • Sales of Information: Information service or periodical?

Use Tax Compliance


Do you purchase assets or other goods from out of state?  Use tax is an important part of sales tax law that is often overlooked.  We can examine your books to determine if you would have exposure on a use tax audit.  OR you may be entitled to a refund!

This is also known as a Reverse Audit

Allocation and Sourcing


Allocation and sourcing rules are also changing from state to state. We can help you ensure that you are in compliance with the new laws.

Multi-State Nexus Studies


Nexus is the hottest topic in state taxation.  State nexus laws are changing for Corporation/Income Tax and Sales Tax.  We can help you determine whether you are filing properly in states in which you may not realize that you are considered to be “doing business” under the new laws.

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